DeWitt Martial Arts teaches the old school, traditional Korean Chung Do Kwan, HapKIDo and Korean weapons curriculum. We are not, as most Korean martial arts schools are today, a "sports TKD dojang" and students are trained with a very rigerous physical criteria and an intensive Korean martial arts curriculum. All school age students must bring in their report cards. We do not accept poor, failing grades or any N/C. We do not and will not test any student who has poor school grades, has conflict at school, home or in the community or who cannot perform and demonstate listed Color Belt and/or
Black Belt criteria/curriculum.
For those interested in trying classes, we offer:
*Two weeks of FREE classes. No obligations.
*No Contracts.
*No pressure to join DMA programs or any hidden costs.

Signing up at DeWitt Martial Arts/ No Gimmicks, No Contracts:
*Sign up fee is $130.00. This fee includes the initial
  monthly fee, and the black DMA uniform with logo
  and a white belt.

*We charge $80.00 per month with family rates available.
If you are a former DMA student or a former/inactive
Korean martial  arts student and wish to "get back into
shape, learn a serious, no-nonsense intense Korean
martial arts," please stop in and talk to us.
We accept ALL martial artists who are not presently
active at another martial arts school. If you try the
*two weeks of FREE lessons and wish to join, you
will need to obtain a DMA uniform, present your
legitimate present rank certificate(s).
Those who provide verifiable rank certification will
remain at their present rank as they learn and
demonstrate the DMA Korean martial arts curriculum. 


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