This page explains the basic criteria requirements for those
DMA students who are planning to test from Brown Belt to
Red Belt and test from Red Belt to First Dahn Black Belt.

Brown Belt To Red Belt Basic Criteria:
*Accurately demonstrate  all White Belt through Brown Belt DMA hyung/forms.
*Accurately demonstrate all Hap Ki Do techniques (i.e. Ki Bohn Sool, Son Mohk
  Ki Bohn Sool and Yon Moo techniques), required at this rank.
*Accurately demonstrate all weapons hyungs required at this rank.
 (Bong, Juhl Bong, Geum Hyungs)
*Students at this rank must be in class, middle or late class, no less than
 twelve classes per month, in order to be considered for pre-testing to
 Red Belt rank. If you are not putting in your time at the dojang, do not
 expect to be allow to test for Red Belt rank.

*School age students at this rank must be at the A/B grade level in order
  to be considered for testing to the Red Belt rank. (*Dr. Taylor's discretion.)

Friday Night Training (pre-test) Prior To Saturday's Promotional Test:
All students at this rank, if they are testing or not, must be in attendance
for this training. Those Brown Belt ranked students who are testing must
complete this pre-test prior to being given final approval for testing to Red
Belt rank.

Red Belt To First Dahn Black Belt Basic Requirements:
*Students at this rank must be in twelve (12) late classes per month
 during their six to nine months of Red Belt training. Students at this rank
should also do their best to be in the middle and late class, three months
prior to testing for the First Dahn rank. Students who do not have
enough class time, i.e. late class, will not be considered for testing!

*Red Belt ranked students will need to accurately demonstrate ALL DMA hyungs/
 forms within our Tae Kwon Do Chung Do Kwan style.

*Accurately demonstrate ALL weapons hyungs (i.e. Bong, Juhl Bong, Geum)

*Accurately demonstrate ALL Hap Ki Do techniques taught up to this rank.
 (i.e. Ki Bohn Sool, Son Mohk Ki Bohn Sool, Yon Moo)

*School age students at this rank must have an A/B+ school grade average
 in order to be consider for testing to the First Dahn Black Belt rank.
 (Dr. Taylor's discretion.)

*Hand in First Dahn Black Belt paper five (5) weeks prior to promotional testing.

Friday Night (Pre-Test) Training Prior To Saturday's Promotional Test:
*Students at this rank, testing or not, MUST be in attendance for this Friday
 pre-test training session. Students, who may be allowed to test for First Dahn
 rank, must complete this Friday evening pre-test in order to be given final
 approval for Saturday's DMA rank promotional test.


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