DeWitt Martial Arts Dojang Rules:
1. Upon entering or leaving the dojang, all students must
    first bow to the United States flag, then to the Chief
    Master DeWitt, each Master Instructor present and to
    each Black Belt ranked student. If Black Belt ranked
    students are standing together, one bow is all that is

2. Do not enter or leave class late without permission.
    When entering late, ask the instructor, "permission to
    enter class late?" If you need to leave class early,
    inform the instructor prior to class.

3. Loud conversation, yelling, loud laughter, chewing of
    gum, candy, wearing of watches or jewelry have no
    place in the dojang.

4. Students must wear clean doboks, black t-shirt with
    trim finger and toe nails. A clean body is a must and
    students should not enter the dojang with dirty feet
    or hands.

5. Do not engage in activities which might degrade the 
    code of ethics of Tae Kwon Do or Hap Ki Do. Each
    student is a representative of DeWitt Martial Arts and
    your activities and behaviors reflect on us.

6. Always assume the position of attention whenever
    speaking to a Black Belt Dahn ranked students.
    Always be considerate and polite and answer with
    "yes sir," "yes ma'am," "no ma'am," "no sir!"

7. During class, whenver a directive or comment is
    made from a Black Belt Dahn ranked student to
    any and all students, students must answer up
    loudly in order that the Dahn ranked student knows
    each student understands what was said.

8. All color belt ranked students, regardless of age,
    must be respectful, courteous and speak to any
    Junior Black Belt Dahn ranked student. Students
    are not to refer to any Black Belt Dahn ranked
    student at DMA by their first name.

9. Students are to keep the dojang clean and keep the
    lounge area clean of papers, wrappers, etc.., and
    are to push chairs in after use. DMA students must,
    upon entering the dojang, remove their hats, stocking
    caps, etc.. No DMA student should be wearing any
    head covering upon entering the dojang. This is an
    exceedingly disrespectful gesture and will not be

10. Students are to treat any substitute teacher/
     instructor as they would their Master Instructor.

11. Be consistently respectful of your parents, grand-
      parents, siblings and others, regardless of age.

12. Respect your elders. Hold doors open, no matter
      where you are, for others. Be humble and polite
      and always assist your Mother with carrying items
      for her, regardless of how small they may be.

13. Students of school age must consistently obtain 
      school grades which are above average. Education
      is a top priority and students should do their very
      best to be on the honor roll. Students testing for
      higher rank, especially Dahn rank, must maintain
      above average grades and be on the honor roll at
      their particular school.

14. Alcohol or drug use have no place at or in the dojang.
      Any student who attend a martial arts event/class
      and has used alcohol or drugs, will be immediately
      terminated from DMA without recourse!

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