Welcome to DeWitt Martial Arts - Old School
           Chung Do Kwan & Hap Ki Do
     (Certified Black Belt Ranked Students)

Present Senior Black Belt Instructors:
Chief Master G. DeWitt  8th Dahn.
Head Instructor 1: Master K. Keppers  6th Dahn.
Head Instructor 2: Dr. R. Taylor D.D.S. 4th Dahn.
Instructor: Mrs. Kim Marquart  4th Dahn.

Moving to Brainerd in 1993 and with the assistance of Brenda DeWitt and three noted Black Belt ranked friends from the Cambridge, Master/Dr. Jeffrey Nyblom, 5th Dahn, Dr. Taryn Nyblom, 3rd Dahn and Jerry Lundeen, 1st Dahn, Brainerd Tae Kwon Do was was opened at 1302 Oak St. Three years later the dojang was moved to its present location at 1014 Laurel St., downtown Brainerd. Due to Chief-Master DeWitt's extensive Korean martial arts rank and training in Chung Do Kwan, Tang Soo Do and Hap Ki Do, the dojang's name was changed to DeWitt Martial Arts which establishes our strong foundation with Korean
Chung Do Kwan, HapKiDo and a Korean weapons curriculum. DeWitt Martial Arts students are known for their excellent and continuous hard work to maintain the extremely high standards for the success of this martial arts school. 

Over the past many years within the Brainerd, Baxter area and surrounding counties, martial arts enthusiast of all ages have learned about our "old school traditional Korean martial arts curriculum" and challenging physical criteria which consistently improves  physical fitness levels and martial arts defense skills. Our Chung Do Kwan and HapKiDo training not only focus on physical techniques but on mental and cognitive development. DeWitt martial arts provides a welcoming location for everyone and DMA students are consistently training to advance their skills, improve their physical conditioning and their Korean martial arts knowledge of all kwans and styles. Our Korean martial arts lineage is directly connected to the Korean Chung Do Kwan founder and the Korean Hap Ki Do founder. 

Note: Students are expected to work hard, demonstrate great effort and do their best with all
challenges presented to them. Students are expected to retain ALL of the Korean martial arts curriculum which is taught to them and they MUST be able to demonstrate this knowledge throughout their time at DMA. We will NOT test or promote anyone who has a bad attitude, who
inconsistently attends classes, poor school grades
or does not demonstrate respect toward those around them.

DeWitt Martial Arts Offers:
*Two weeks of FREE lessons. 
 No obligation to join or buy anything.
*Strict Korean martial arts training,
 Not sports Tae Kwon Do.
*Kukkiwon Certification.
*Hap Ki Do Certification.
*WTF/ITF and Hap Ki Do training curriculum.
*The most intense Korean martial arts
 curriculum in central MN.
*Some of the best trained and certified Korean
 martial arts instructors in central MN.

If you are up to the challenge and you want to be involved with a martial arts dojang where rank is earned, never given, come in and try our two weeks of FREE lessons.



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